Texas Tech tickets

Texas Tech football tickets look to be in high demand this year. The Texas Tech Red Raiders are poised to make a big run this year. 2007-2008 is a clean slate for the Raiders, and they would like nothing better than to capitalize with a Big 12 Championship. Here’s a glimpse at their schedule this year: They play Texas El-Paso at home on September 8th to open their home season. They’ll hopefully be coming off a win at SMU the week before heading into that game. Then they play Rice in Houston followed by OK State away. So hopefully, the Texas Tech Red Raiders will be able to gain some momentum in the first 3 games of their season before heading into OK State on September 22nd. If they can beat OK State away, and then take care of Iowa State at home 2 weeks later, they could head into playing Texas A&M at home on October 13th undefeated. Texas Tech football tickets to THAT home game are gonna be hard to find, for sure. We already have nearly 100 tickets to that one. That just might be enough to inspire a great performance at home and take out Texas A&M. Then there’s Missouri away, followed by Colorado and Baylor. if you want Red Raiders tickets to a good home game, Colorado may be the one. If by some chance Texas Tech can remain undefeated all the way until their November 10th loss to Texas, they just might have a chance at the Big 12 Championship. The games that will be the hardest to find Texas Tech tickets for will be Texas A&M at home and Oklahoma at home. Also, Texas Tech tickets won’t be easy to find for when they play Colorado at home, because that will be a major turning point in their season.

If you have Texas Tech tickets for all the home games, and want info on getting tickets for the Texas game in Austin, give us a call. Likewise, if you don’t own Red Raiders tickets, but think this is the year to go ahead and hit every home game, we can help you with that too.