Texas Two-Step

Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas – Minnesota vs. Texas Tech, December 28th 9 pm

Minnesota comes into this game and let’s be honest they are not very good. They did finish with an even 6 – 6 record but finished the season and had a Big 10 record of 2 – 6. Their only wins were against Purdue that had their coach fired and Illinois who couldn’t afford to fire their coach.

Texas Tech, on the surface, looks like it could be the same team. Texas Tech finished the season 4 – 5 and that was their Big 12 conference record but the wins were better, the conference is stronger and even though I hate this term, the losses were better and to better teams.

This is a game that I don’t think will be close. Minnesota will have not seen an offense like the one they will see when the Red Raiders take the field. It will be a very pro Texas Tech crowd and Texas Tech wins this game going away.

Texas Tech 45, Minnesota 28


Valero Alamo Bowl — No. 23 Texas vs. No. 13 Oregon State, December 29th 6:45 pm

Oregon State comes to the Lone Star State for the Alamo Bowl basically having done everything that they needed and were expected to do in the Pac 12 besides the loss to Washington. They lost to Stanford and Oregon. In the nonconference they started off the year with a bang by beating the 13th ranked Wisconsin Badgers. They are a gritty team and will be really well coached.

Texas was supposed to come into the year with a great defense and a developing offense and things have ended up being the other way around where the offense has done better than expected and the defense has done a lot worse than expected.

Oregon State has over achieved and Texas has underachieved but this will be a really good game. Texas will win this game if their pass rush can get home and their underperforming defensive backfield can stop or at least slow down Oregon State’s wide receivers that might be the best tandem in the country.

This is going to be a tough game and I’ll reserve my prediction until December 28th.




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