Texas vs A&M basketball game

NEVER LEAVE EARLY!  Because you just never know what you might miss. 

I took my kids to the big game (Texas Longhorns vs Texas A&M Aggies at the Frank Erwin Center in Austin) on Wednesday.  It was the biggest game for Texas this year.  Tickets were selling for $100 and up and I was taking my kids.  The twin boys are 12 and my daughter is 5.  We were jazzed up and ready for the game.  Wow, what a game!  Kevin Durant nailed what I thought was the game winner with 10 seconds left to give Texas a four point lead.  I wisked the kids away to beat the rush because it was already 10:00pm on a school night and I was feeling guilty.   Sure enough A.C. Law and the aggies would not quit and they tied the game up.  I was in tears but I knew I made the right decision.  Off we went to the house for homework and baths for the kids.  We listened to the game on the radio and enjoyed our trip home.  We made it just in time to see the second overtime and cheer Texas on to victory.   Texas won and my kids were clean. 🙂

Randy Cohen

Chief Energizing Officer Ticketcity.com