The Bard on Broadway

A play called Hamlet starring noted Hollywood actor Jude Law opens on Broadway today at the Broadhurst Theatre. I checked and this one seems to be based on a movie that’s been remade almost 60 times since 1907. Talk about remake fever… People complain when they do a new version of Star Trek, why doesn’t anyone stand up the for the artistic integrity of the original 1907 silent film version of Hamlet?

Oh, wait, it actually is a play, from Shakespeare. One I didn’t have to read in my entire academic career. Don’t worry, I had to read some of the others. I have seen the Simpsons‘ parody of it, so I’m vaguely familiar with the plot. Spoiler alert: this is the one where pretty much everybody dies at the end. They don’t call ’em tragedies for nothing.

The production at the Broadhurst is scheduled to run for 12 weeks, until December 6th. Law has previously headed up productions in London and in Denmark, at Kronberg Castle, the setting of the play. Law is not best known for appearing in the title role of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, but I certainly remember it.

You can get your epic tragedy fix on our Hamlet Tickets page.




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