The Best of the Best?

The New England Patriots are one of my favorite teams. They probably have the best overall coach in the game of football and one of the best quarterbacks to ever strap on football cleats. They seemingly have a different game plan for every team that they play and they are constantly innovating and pushing the envelope when it comes to advancing the game.

They never have the best talent but they get the most out of what they have and I feel safe in saying that they would be an average team without Tom Brady at QB. He does everything so well that he gets his players to play better than any other team was able to. He helps people perform at a level that they never attain against if they leave New England.

They are playing at home. They have not had large level success against Baltimore as of late. They play their best when the lights are their brightest and when they are being questioned.

If they get to the big game, all bets are off. They are that good.

Chance of winning – 28%