The Celtics vs The Bulls in Game 5

Wow!! What a game!! The Celtics went in to the series tied 2-2 and came out of last nights, two OT game with a win! 

This has been an exciting series, not only for the overtimes but for the dirty antics displayed by both teams!  In the final OT with 2 seconds left on the clock, Rajon Rondon’s arm hit Brad Millers Face as he was going in for a layup!  Even though many would argue that the foul was intentional or flagrant, the refs gave Miller two shots from the line instead of free throws plus the ball returned, but it didn’t matter either way!  After Miller stood at the line with his teary eyes and bleeding lip, he failed to sink the first shot.  On his second attempt to shoot, he tried to intentionally miss the basket but failed in hitting the rim, which resulted in the lose for the Bulls and bringing the series to 3-2 Celtics.

Now even though you might be sad at this turn of events, you should rejoice in knowing that the next game the Bulls have home court advantage and are sure to tie up the series yet again.  If that turns out to be the case, Game 7 will not be short of competition, and hopefully a few overtimes!

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