The Harlem Globetrotters Travel On and On

I felt a little life and light stream into my small, grinch-like heart when I found-out that the Harlem Globetrotters were coming to town. I think that there was a teeny twinkle in my eye as well. Something about the Globetrotters makes me feel 7 again. It takes me back to skinned knees, swimming pool Marco Polo and a cool, sparkly purple bike with a banana seat. (I can hear the playing cards in the wheels clicking now.)

I must have seen them in Rochester, New York before we came out West. This time the Globetrotters were in heavenly Austin, Texas at the Frank Erwin Center. The show started at 7pm and I remember arriving about twenty minutes late. The pay lots were full of course but there were plenty of spots just a few blocks from the Erwin Center. I found my seat – corner by a basket, 5 rows from the floor. Nice seats, I must admit.

It was a nice scene sitting there watching the little kids and their parents. Gave me that nostalgic feeling about being a kid again. I watched the show: the Globetrotters’ arch enemies, The Generals, really trying to play ball with the fast talking, smooth moving men in yellow all over them, the ball hustle with the players traveling in circles and figure eights (my favorite) and those fantastic dunks. About twenty minutes into it, it all started to get a little familiar. Wait a minute, I remember that…. The more I watched, the more familiar it became. Could it be that there was a show business act that hadn’t changed in ahem, over 25 years? Yes, Virginia, there very well is.

I ended up leaving the show after about 40 minutes. I had seen what I had come for, to get a look at the stadium and to get a nice trip back into time. I have to admit though that the 10 year old sitting next to me, yucking it up big while he was high on cotton candy, had a bit to do with my early departure. It was good wholesome fun but really it’s a scene for parents and their kids.

The Harlem Globetrotters remain a classic. They’re still a hot ticket on the children’s entertainment circuit and even the most Cruella DeVille-ish among us can enjoy it. Your 7 year old isn’t going to care if the routines are a bit cliche. She may roll her eyes a little bit but she’ll dig being out with her mom & dad – but spare us all the cotton candy.