The Houston Rockets on a 13 game win streak


That’s something you don’t hear much of in the TicketCity office. There are a lot of Spurs fans, and some Mavs fanatics (RICK) but I seem to be the only Rockets fan around. Or so I think?

Anyways, the Rockets are red hot headed into the postseason. Even though Yao Ming is out for the rest of the season, Chris Landry, Rafer Alston and Shane Battier have been putting up huge numbers. Dikembe Motumbo even had 4 blocks in his last appearance!

The Rockets are going to be seeded 6th in the Playoffs, roll over the Jazz and the beat the Spurs to make it to the Western Conference Finals. They’ll win against the Lakers in 7 games to go to the Finals only to get swept by the Celtics.