The Joe Show

The Baltimore Ravens come into this game and very well could have the most cheered for player left in the playoffs in retiring linebacker Ray Lewis. He came back from injury to join the team in the playoffs and the Ravens are playing with a different passion.

Before you think, “Yeah Sean but they are playing the Patriots,” in the last two meeting including the playoffs Joe Flacco has outplayed Tom Brady. In fact Flacco has thrown 5 touchdowns and two interceptions while Brady has one touchdown and two interceptions.

They say that players earn their paychecks during the season and cement their legacy in the playoffs. This will be a tough game for the Ravens against the Patriots and the ever growing legacy of Tom Brady.

Flacco is a great deep ball thrower and the Ravens will depend on him hitting the low percentage deep ball a couple of times to keep them in the game. Depending on the low percentage throw is why I’m giving them a lower percentage than two others to win.

Chance of winning – 23%




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