The Masters: Day One & Day Two (For Me)

So after an extended delay at the Atlanta airport, I finally made it to Augusta about 9:30 Wednesday night. I couldn’t get a cab because the airport was so congested but was lucky to meet a pro shop owner who was getting a lift from a couple MacGregor reps.

I’m on my way to making some fine contacts.

Ah Augusta. My two favorite parts so far is (a) our clients and (b) the Ticket City team.

Our clients are the greatest! Make no mistake. Maybe it’s the excitement of the Masters that has everyone in such a good mood. Maybe it’s the chilly weather. Maybe it’s the beer. At any rate, I have had such a good time visiting with all our clients from all over the country, as well as our wonderful guests from Australia!

Let’s talk about these Ticket CitianWorking with Clark and Aaron and Caroline has taught me that there’s not much we won’t do for our clients. If we have the time and the means, we’re going to make their Masters adventure a memorable one.

I know it has been for me, so far. I can’t hardly get the smile off my face despite the lack of sleep and traffic jams. They are such minor inconveniences when you’re faced with the awe of golf’s greatest event.

This is Mercer Black, reporting from Augusta, at 1023 Azalea, 300 yards from Entrance 3 of Augusta National Golf Club.

Signing off.