The NFL Now Has a ‘5th Quarter’ at Jacksonville’s EverBank Field


Once the NFL season kicks off, you can usually find me at a different stadium every week. Sure it gets exhausting (but totally worth it!), but it allows me to check out a ton of stadiums and learn some cool insider information about many of them. Earlier this year, I wrote an article for CBS Man Cave Daily calling Jacksonville THE football town to visit, highlighting a number of reasons why I think Jacksonville is one of the best road games to take in.

Probably the top reason I love games at EverBank Field is the ease and convenience of not only the parking, but signage inside the stadium as well. This might seem lame to highlight as a top reason, but keep in mind I spend every weekend at a different stadium. In a mass exodus of thousands of happy (or miserable) fans, knowing your way around can be the key to a good experience.
For instance – just as the signs overhead denote that section 110 is located to the left, the sign will also tell you that Lot D is the exit to your right. This can come in incredibly handy during cold weather, rainstorms, and of course the hot weather you often get in Florida. If you’re like most fans (myself included), getting turned around in a stadium is easier than kicking an extra point (well not this season’s extra point). Exiting the stadium in Jacksonville is also super easy thanks to their 12 gates and 65-90 lanes of exit, helping get you back home in time for the next game’s kickoff.

EverBank Field also has one of the strongest Wi-Fi signals in most any stadium or arena I’ve visited and I also love that you can purchase liquor on every level, as some stadiums only allow liquor to be sold on premium levels. Not that you go to NFL games to sit on your phone the whole time or get hammered, but those are perks that make the game watching a bit more enjoyable.

If you’re a fantasy football lover, probably the most unique part inside EverBank is FanDuelVille, a premium seating option introduced before the start of the 2015 season (previously called The Clevelander last season). Brand new to professional sports and entertainment and integrating the newfound popularity of daily fantasy sports, this unique area comfortably holds 3,000 fans that can watch the game LIVE on the world’s largest video boards, while reveling in all things fantasy football related.

Personally, I prefer the traditional way of watching football, but this is becoming increasingly popular with many fans.
According to the team’s website, “At the end of each Jaguars home game, FanDuelVille will become the ‘FanDuel 5th Quarter,’ a post-game party to which all fans are invited to enjoy live music, afternoon and evening NFL football games, and interactive experiences with Jaguars personalities, Jaxson de Ville, and members of the ROAR of the Jaguars.”

One of the few stadiums to host a post-game party while keeping alcohol sales open not only makes for a fun environment (especially after a win), it helps separate some of the exiting traffic where some fans choose to leave immediately and others stick around. (To check out fans past experiences with the area, search the hashtag #FanDuelVille on social media.)
While perhaps not the most traditional seating options in the NFL, the Jaguars continue to take fan feedback and implement it in new seating options, like new tables for four and eight-person chalets introduced at the start of this season, each offering all-inclusive food and drinks (yes, this includes beer, wine, soft drinks, and water).

According to the team website, EverBank Field seats 67,246, but temporary seats can be added behind the south end zone, which expands the capacity to more than 82,000 (i.e. for the annual Florida-Georgia game and Super Bowl). If ticket sales are expected to be low for a game, the staff will put a tarp over seats in the upper bowl section – you may notice this if you don’t see tickets available in higher levels, but prices tend to drop as the game gets closer. Rest assured in Jacksonville that the team’s goal is to get fans as close and as loud and interactive to the field as possible.

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Jayme Lamm is a sports, travel, and fitness writer based in Houston whose work has appeared in ESPN, CBS, Sports on Earth, Women’s Health and many others. She spends most of her time covering sporting events for The Blonde Side.