The Ole Ball Coach to Win Again

Outback Bowl — No. 10 South Carolina vs. No. 18 Michigan

This is a game between two teams that had the same expectations to start the season. Both teams were hoping to be part of the national championship conversation and neither were successful.

Michigan came into the year ranked 8th in the country and was blown out in week one by Alabama and meager describes the rest of their season. They beat teams they should beat scraping by the decent ones and lost to every ranked team they played save for #24 Northwestern which they beat in overtime.

South Carolina started the year in the top ten and won every game on the schedule save for the back to back road trips to top 10 teams in LSU and Florida. While they lost their All American running back in Marcus Lattimore they are a more than solid team and still possess one of the best front sevens in the country.

This is a bad matchup on every level for Michigan and I expect South Carolina to dominate defensively and be successful on offense and win this game by double digits.