The (Previous) Week in TicketCity Search – May 11

In the “better late than never” category, I bring you last week’s top 10 search terms.

Probably won’t be talking about the Derby again “this” week, though it retained #1 status on the strength of just a couple day’s worth of searches. If you missed it this year, (and that would be quite a miss, considering it was the second biggest upset in Derby history,) you can get your tix now for Derby 136 on the first day of May, 2010. Seeing the “second biggest upset” quote a lot, and very few bothering to add the obvious… the biggest upset. That would be Donerail in 1913, a 91-1 longshot who not only won, but broke the track record at the time doing it.

I expected ACL to be tops this week, but the final showing of the Derby held it off. Still, strong showing for the festival, whose line up is stronger than ever. Nine Inch Nails fans stepped up, looking for tickets to the upcoming Lights In the Sky tour with Jane’s Addiction which just kicked off. Frontman Trent Renzor made comments on the band’s blog about NIN going on hiatus for a while after this tour, so this may be fans’ last opportunity to see them for a while.

WWE returns with U2 to round out the top 5. Metallica, Green Day, and Taylor Swift bounce around a bit, while interest in the Champions League spiked as the UEFA Champions League Final approaches on May 27th.

Current Rank Last Week Keyword
1 1 Kentucky Derby
2 10 ACL
3 Nine Inch Nails
5 9 U2
6 8 Metallica
7 5 Green Day
8 Champions League
9 Lady Gaga
10 6 Taylor Swift




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