The Showdown in the Big D

AT&T Cotton Bowl — No. 9 Texas A&M vs. No. 11 Oklahoma

Outside of the BCS games and the BCS National Championship game this is the game that me and everyone else want to see.
Texas A&M with their Heisman winning freshman Johnny Manziel bring the SEC to Dallas to take on Bob Stoops and his Sooners. Manziel has been all over the place on the banquet and talk show circuit and everyone is saying that he has been doing everything but concentrating on Oklahoma. By most accounts he has missed only one day of practice.

The Sooners should be scorned after being bounced from the BCS so Northern Illinois could get beat by Florida State. This game will keep them from being scorned. They want to take on the Aggies who defected from the Big 12 conference starting with this season. When Bob Stoops has something to concentrate on like a Heisman winner, this team will be very ready to play and will play with great passion.
I can’t wait to get to the game. Regardless of all of the storylines I thought Florida and Texas A&M were the two schools that I would want no part of if a playoff were in place and I’m staying with it.
Texas A&M and Johnny Manziel’s feet and moxie are too much for the Sooners. Aggies roll.

Texas A&M 31, Oklahoma 27




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