The Week in TicketCity Search – Always Demand Real Madrid

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Week of
July. 30th
1 1 One Direction
2 5 Dallas Cowboys
3 4 Justin Bieber
4 3 Longhorns Football
6 Arkansas Football
7 9 Coldplay
8 8 Mississippi State Football
9 2 Jason Aldean
10 Real Madrid

1D remains perched atop the countdown, easily fending off challenges from all quarters. Mostly from the old guard and other “popular” musicians, but this week from America’s Team. The Cowboys surge from #5 this week, but that rush isn’t enough to score the top spot. As with most previous attempts, they fell pretty short of the goal in a performance that may have been worthy of a #1 were they not pitted against the all-encompassing power of five teenage boys from England.

That Bieber guy keeps hanging around for some reason, this week quietly climbing back to #3. College football is well represented this week, with the Longhorns slipping a bit to #4, Arkansas appearing in the #6 spot, and Mississippi State holding steady from last week at #8.

KISS, absent for some time despite touring pretty regularly this summer with Mötley Crüe, shows up in the fifth spot. They are swinging through Texas this weekend, so I’m betting that’s why.

Coldplay climbs to the #7 spot while Jason Aldean tumbles pretty hard from a peak in second to #9. Still not sure what caused Mr. Aldean’s sudden rocket ride (almost) to the top last week, but that ride has ended pretty conclusively. Finally, Real Madrid returns again as their US tour continues through early August. They’ll be back in Spain before the month is out, so get your tickets now.




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