The Week in TicketCity Search – An Indirect Return

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
June 10th
1 2 One Direction
2 1 Mumford & Sons
3 3 Luke Bryan
4 9 College World Series
5 7 San Antonio Spurs
6 6 Justin Bieber
7 10 Bruno Mars
8 5 Beyoncé
9 Texas Rangers
10 Taylor Swift

1D patiently bided their time before finally returning to the top of the countdown. Their ascendancy is somewhat bittersweet, since the former champ, Mumford & Sons had to take an unexpected hiatus due to a medical condition affecting bassist Ted Dwane. Their remaining US tour dates in June have been cancelled, and they won’t make Bonnaroo, replaced by Jack Johnson in the Saturday headliner slot.

Currently the group plans to return at the Glastonbury Festival.

Luke Bryan settles into the third spot, and the rest of the top five checks in with some championship sports. The Spurs aren’t letting the Heat sweep, and the CWS is just about to start. The first game is this weekend, and almost two weeks of the best in college baseball follows at TD Ameritrade Park.

Bieber manages to hold onto the sixth spot, currently his best performance in weeks. Bruno Mars has a bit of a surge, up from last place. Beyoncé moves in the opposite direction, ending down at #8, while Taylor Swift takes over last place from Bruno.

So, since I posted Mumford & Sons last week, this is going to have to happen. I’m sure by now you’ve jammed out to “What Makes You Beautiful”, so here is a different song by One Direction, one I’m old by Wikipedia was very popular in New Zealand:




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