The Week in TicketCity Search – April 10th

This is what people were typing into the TicketCity search bar for the past week.

With the NCAA tournament ending, concerts dominated. Rather eclectic musical tastes on display, as Metallica and Jonas Brothers battle for the top spot. It’s doubtful there’s alot of crossover in those fan bases. Returning U2 comes in at 3.

Louisville, Kentucky is well represented as the Derby weekend approaches, though the WWE slips in between the fillies and the colts. Last weekend’s 25th Wrestlemania may have helped the WWE win this slot. Vince and company will have to last a while to approach the streak the Derby is on.

The longest, continuously contested sporting event in the States, the 135th running of the Derby is May 2nd, with Oaks the day before. Now’s the time to get your tickets and travel plans in order for “the most exciting two minutes in sport.”

Rounding out the top 10 is another odd collection of rock, country, comedy, and electronic performers.

Rank Keyword
1 Metallica
2 Jonas Brothers
3 U2
4 Kentucky Oaks
6 Kentucky Derby
7 Bruce Springsteen
8 Taylor Swift
9 Dane Cook
10 Lady Gaga




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