The Week in TicketCity Search – April 22nd

TicketCity Week in Search

1 2 Justin Bieber
2 3 Adele
3 10 Kentucky Derby
4 Kentucky Oaks
5 6 Taylor Swift
6 Miami Heat
7 7 Mumford & Sons
8 Texas Rangers
10 Pearl Jam

Looks like the Davis Cup didn’t have the staying power to remain on top, or even in the countdown at all. I sense it will return a time or two before July. For now, the vacated top spot is once again reclaimed by the esteemed Mr. Bieber, followed closely by Adele. Contributing to this week’s more eclectic mix of sports and concerts, the Derby and Oaks shoot back up the charts to secure the third and forth spot on the countdown.

Taylor Swift rounds out the top five, and the Miami Heat lead off the bottom five. The Heat are playing Philadelphia in the first round of the NBA Playoffs, where they’re just 1 win away from shutting down the 76ers and moving on to the second round. Take a look at our NBA Playoffs Tickets page to keep up with the match-ups, and, of course, buy some tickets to see the games in person.

Mumford & Sons hang steady at #7 this week. Following them the Rangers appear. Fresh off last year’s World Series appearance against the Giants, Rangers tickets are hot this season. After the WWE, Pearl Jam pops in at #10. Rumors of a new album and a 20th anniversary festival for the band are probably helping to fuel the interest.




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