The Week in TicketCity Search – April 29th

TicketCity Week in Search

1 1 Justin Bieber
2 5 Taylor Swift
3 3 Kentucky Derby
4 4 Kentucky Oaks
5 2 Adele
6 6 Miami Heat
7 Maná
8 Davis Cup
9 9 WWE
10 Katy Perry

Less new stuff this week as all the top 5 hangs around, and most stay right where they were last week. The only change is Taylor Swift and Adele, who swap places. Taylor Swift’s show in Austin isn’t until October, but tickets went on sale recently, no doubt having a bit of an effect on her rankings this week. She did not manage to dethrone the esteemed Mr. Bieber. The Derby and Oaks are about a week away now, and interest remains strong. Still time to get your seats for “The most exciting 2 minutes in sports.”

The Heat’s entry into Round Two of the NBA playoffs pits them against the 2008 champs and 2010 runners-up Boston Celtics in what promises to be a very big series. They hang steady at #6 this week, but may surge as the games get underway next week.

Maná enters the countdown at #7. The Grammy Award winning Latin rock group has been around since 1978, releasing 8 studio albums so far. The most recent of them is Drama y Luz, their first album in over 5 years. With fans having such a long wait between albums, no wonder Maná is moving up the chart.

Rounding things out we have the Davis Cup returning, along with Katy Perry, both of whom will likely be around quite a bit as summer nears.




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