The Week in TicketCity Search – April 30th

It’s Derby week, and nowhere is that more apparent than on our countdown. Well, perhaps in Louisville, Kentucky, but only by a little… Yes, the Derby and Oaks won handily this week, knocking Lady Gaga off the top. Her fall was steep, so steep, that she didn’t land at #3. No, that spot went to a resurgent Carrie Underwood, who may be in for a long run thanks to a concert tour that runs almost non-stop through the rest of 2010.

George Strait gains a couple spots to round out the top 5, while Rush remains at a mellow #6 for a third week in a row. Not sure, but that may be the most constant occupation of the #6 slot in all countdown history. Continuing to bounce in and out of the countdown, Drake returns at #7… just head of someone who fell a lot harder than Lady Gaga. Yes, the esteemed Mr. Bieber hit #8 this week, barely ahead of Spurs fans who are following their team into the second round of the NBA Playoffs.

Finally, American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert debuts on the countdown at #10. Not sure what it is about American Idol losers. Granted, you don’t have to do much to outperform a lot of American Idol winners… Lambert is playing a limited set of dates coming up in June for the “Glam Nation” Tour. Currently only one date is set past June, but more could be added, so keep checking back or signup for for updates on the Adam Lambert tickets page.

1 2 Kentucky Derby
2 3 Kentucky Oaks
3 9 Carrie Underwood
4 1 Lady Gaga
5 7 George Strait
6 6 Rush
7 Drake
8 4 Justin Bieber
9 San Antonio Spurs
10 Adam Lambert




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