The Week in TicketCity Search – August 21st

I think this is the first week since I’ve started tracking that the 1 and 2 have not changed. In fact, the entire countdown is completely filled with familiar faces, some of which returned after brief and not-so-brief absences. The Jonas Brothers and Taylor Swift remain at the top, with Lil Wayne moving up only one notch to capture a the 3rd slot. Metallica has surged again recently, after having departed the countdown for a while since their earlier shows this summer.

Interest in Wicked as also come back a bit after some absence, helped perhaps the new Fall season on Broadway. Depeche Mode pops back in, as does U2, bringing more European flavor back.

Finally, the Austin City Limits Festival makes a comeback as well. It hasn’t been seen since May. I wonder why it would show up now, all out-of-the-blue… Oh yes, it’s all sold out. Good thing we’ve still got passes…

Current Rank Last Week Keyword
1 1 Jonas Brothers
2 2 Taylor Swift
3 4 Lil Wayne
4 9 Metallica
5 8 Wicked
6 3 Blink-182
7 Depeche Mode
8 7 Texas Longhorns
10 U2




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