The Week in TicketCity Search – August 5th

TicketCity Week in Search

1 3 Justin Bieber
2 5 Dallas Cowboys
3 10 Mississippi State Football
4 3 Katy Perry
5 6 Taylor Swift
6 8 Selena Gomez
7 Pittsburgh Steelers
8 1 Adele
9 Alabama Football
10 Texas A&M Football

Well, it’s the first week of August and it appears thoughts have definitely turned to football. While the esteemed Mr. Bieber did recapture the top spot, we’ve got half a countdown full of football teams, both pro and college on the list this week. The Boys move up to the second spot, and I will say the contest there was pretty tight. They may make it to the top next week. Mississippi State’s fans really came through, moving the Bulldogs up from tenth to third, a big achievement.

Katy Perry kicks off a return to our regularly scheduled concert tours, followed by Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez. All three ladies have been bouncing around the top 10 for a few weeks now. If the Bulldogs were the week’s big winner, then Adele was on the other end of that equation, falling to #8 from the top spot last week.

The new football entries all ended up in the bottom five, starting with the Steelers, who have some buzz going into the recently-saved NFL season. We will see how long that buzz lasts as the month goes on. Aggies fans also have some buzz to enjoy, as does Alabama, who are considered strong favorites not only for the SEC title, but another National Championship this season.




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