The Week in TicketCity Search – August 8th

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Hayley Williams

This is certainly an interesting week. Over half the countdown wasn’t there last week, and, first and foremost, the top entry doesn’t sing. While the 1985 Chicago Bears proved it’s not out of the question for a football team to release a hit single, it does remain highly unlikely. The Cowboys reach the top of the countdown as we’re about a week away from their first preseason game. This shuffles our usual suspects down a couple spots.

Paramore appears out of nowhere to romance the #4 spot. That was kind of punny… I apologize… especially since they don’t even spell it that way. Paramore is a alt rock band fronted by Hayley Williams out of Franklin, Tennessee. They are the headliners of the 2010 Honda Civic Tour, which this year includes Tegan and Sara and New Found Glory.

Rounding out the top 5 is the Longhorns, also rapidly approaching their season kickoff. The bottom five is an interesting assortment, leading off with comedian Kathy Griffin, followed by Rush and a returning KISS, who have been absent for a while. Pretty sure that this is Bob Dylan’s first time on the countdown, and I’ll forgo explaining who he is. Dylan’s consummate artistry is in excellent company as the live tour of So You Think You Can Dance finishes out the countdown.

1 10 Dallas Cowboys
2 2 Justin Bieber
3 1 Lady Gaga
4 Paramore
5 7 Longhorns Football
6 Kathy Griffin
7 Rush
9 Bob Dylan
10 So You Think You Can Dance