The Week in TicketCity Search – Backup Justin Installed

Week of
Feb. 25t
1 1 Beyoncé
2 2 One Direction
3 3 Taylor Swift
4 8 Bruno Mars
5 Houston Rodeo
6 7 Rihanna
7 6 Justin Bieber
8 Justin Timberlake
9 9 WWE
10 5 Pink

Looks like the cool kids have a new clique. The top three remains the same this week with yet another big Beyoncé blow-out. 1D and Taylor Swift retain the second and third spots. Ousted member Justin Beiber remains mired in the bottom five, discarded like one of Swift’s former boyfriends. Bruno Mars is putting in his application to join up, with a solid four point rise that lands him in the forth spot. Mars embarks on the Moonshine Jungle World Tour this summer. Tour dates include either Fitz & the Tantrums or noted Herefordshireian Ellie Goulding.

With this year’s San Antonio Rodeo on the the books, Houston quickly takes over. March provides a wide selection of big concert dates in Reliant Stadium, from Kenny Chesney to Pitbull. George Strait closes things down as his final tour swings through on the 17th.

Rihanna’s Diamond’s tour heats up, a tad, as she slides into the #6 spot. Something that has an outside chance to shake things up a bit at the top appears in the #8 spot, in a bit of a “Justin cluster.” The Timberlake version has been otherwise occupied with his acting career for a while now, but he’s back with a new album and tour. The album, The 20/20 Experience, arrives later this month, and the tour will be hitting some of the biggest stadiums in the US this summer. The venue list is pretty much a who’s who (or maybe what’s what?) of packing in very large numbers of people in the same place.

Jay-Z will be joining Timberlake on the tour, keeping Mr. Carter occupied while Mrs. Carter is on her own tour. It will be interesting to see if the double bill of Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake can generate the sort of buzz Beyoncé is currently riding. I would have expected a bigger debut if that was going to be the case. There is ample time for this little rivalry to shape up, so we will see who’s at the top come the summer.