The Week in TicketCity Search – Dec 17th

TicketCity Week in Search

1 2 Cotton Bowl
2 1 Sugar Bowl
3 5 Rose Bowl
4 3 BCS Bowl
6 8 George Strait
7 Super Bowl
8 Music City Bowl
9 10 Alamo Bowl
10 9 Taylor Swift

Not too many changes this week. The top bowls shuffled a bit, and we have a couple new bowls entering the list, though much like that old Sesame Street bit, one of them is not like the others. The Cotton Bowl takes the #1 spot from the Sugar Bowl, which drops to #2, followed by the Rose Bowl and the National Championship Game, both which gained a some spots. Looks like the BCS has the top of the list all sown up.

We take a brief detour from unscripted athletic contests to allow the WWE to pop in at #5. There’s a show at the Erwin Center on the 20th, so certainly a local flavor to that placement. George Strait climbs to the #6 spot, also on local interest as his next tour kicks off here at the very same Erwin Center on January 14th.

That brings us to that other post season Bowl, the Super one, where the entrants are determined by a fairly straightforward playoff process. The Super Bowl happens in Arlington this year, up at the brand new home of the Dallas Cowboys.

Rounding out the list the Music City Bowl and Alamo Bowl make the cut this week, and Taylor Swift manages to hold on for another week with George Strait as the only other concert entry.




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