The Week in TicketCity Search – Dec 4th

No surprise the Big 12 Championship remained on top this week, though I had thought the SEC Championship would climb a little higher. Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift held the entire SEC at bay, though. The return of KISS to the countdown, and number 5, rounds out the top.

John Mayer fans pushed their former pop-y current blues-y favorite up a couple notches to start the bottom 5. Miley fell a little further than usual down to the 8th slot and young Justin Beiber actually managed to hold on to a spot in the countdown at #10, another surprise.

That leaves us with the fact that December is the start of Bowl season. Two more bowls make appearances, not coincidentally the two whose participants are all but formalized. They are not, in fact, “official”, so we can’t add their names to our ticket listings quite yet. Suffice to say, there would be considerable surprise if the Cotton Bowl didn’t feature Oklahoma State vs. Ole Miss and the Rose Bowl was not Ohio State vs. Oregon.

1 1 Big 12 Championship
2 2 Lady Gaga
3 3 Taylor Swift
4 6 SEC Championship
6 8 John Mayer
7 Cotton Bowl
8 5 Miley Cyrus
9 Rose Bowl
10 4 Justin Bieber




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