The Week in TicketCity Search – December 10th

TicketCity Week in Search

1 Sugar Bowl
2 1 Cotton Bowl
3 7 BCS Bowl
4 Gator Bowl
5 Rose Bowl
6 Sun Bowl
7 Texas Bowl
8 4 George Strait
9 5 Taylor Swift
10 Alamo Bowl

Always nice when a prediction pans out, and “more bowls on the way” certainly did. If not for a tenacious showing by country music’s biggest stars it would have been an all-bowl countdown. Interestingly, while the National Championship Game did climb a few spots, it didn’t end up on top this week. That went to the Sugar Bowl. The Ohio State vs. Arkansas matchup topped the list, followed by Texas A&M vs. LSU in the Cotton Bowl. The Auburn vs. Oregon championship game ended the week at #3.

Gator, Rose, Sun, and Texas follow. We are offered a short break from bowl mania as country heavyweights George Strait and Taylor Swift manage to hold onto the top 10. Strong performance, especially this week. We’ll see how well they do through the rest of the month. With George Strait’s tour opening right here in Austin, he certainly has a good shot at making it through the month without missing a week.

With Cotton, Sun, Texas, and Alamo all on the list, it does have a very Texas flavor. Bowl season kicks off December 18th, with the New Mexico, Humanitarian, and New Orleans bowl.




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