The Week in TicketCity Search – December 11th

Hey, looks like that whole Bowl announcement thing happened last Sunday. This week’s top 10 has a certain college football postseason flavor to it as a result. Concerts were not to be completely denied, though. Apparently Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga make for a potent combination, and they managed to hang on to spots in the top 5. The Rose Bowl took the top slot, followed by the Cotton Bowl at #3 and the National Championship Game at #5. The Sugar, Gator, and Alamo Bowls round our little top-bowls-within-the-top-10-list list.

A Brief Guide To Football InfoGraphic

A Brief Guide To Football

Perhaps illustrative of the “unique” take of American sports fans, another big “football” announcement happened the Friday before the bowl games were set. That was the World Cup draw, which shows up at #9 on the list. While the World Cup demands the attention of most of the world, it doesn’t generate quite the same amount of attention State-side, especially against our home grown flavor of football.

Finally, it appears Nick Jonas has a “side project” band, which explains why people are now searching for him and not the band with whom he is most notably associated. I had no desire to know any of that, but I looked it up anyway.

1 9 Rose Bowl
2 3 Taylor Swift
3 7 Cotton Bowl
4 1 Lady Gaga
6 Sugar Bowl
7 Gator Bowl
8 Alamo Bowl
9 World Cup
10 Nick Jonas




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