The Week in TicketCity Search – December 18th

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Colt McCoy

Two weeks out from the Bowl announcements sees the National Championship take over the top spot on the countdown handily. Last week’s champ the Rose Bowl tumbled all the way down to #7. Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber make for an odd combination at number 2 and 3, but certainly exemplify the tenacity of pop music fans in the face of college football’s most popular events. Taylor Swift remains in the top 5 as well, just below the Cotton Bowl, the only other top 5 Bowl.

The Bottom five is dominated by Bowls, all holdovers from last week with the exception of the Independence Bowl, which slides into the countdown as the Alamo Bowl slides out.

That brings us to this weeks’ newcomer, “Muse.” I’m guessing people aren’t searching for a Grace Jones album, an episode of Star Trek: Voyager, or the Multi Unit Spectroscopic Explorer… but a British alt rock band from Devon, England. Muse’s latest album, The Resistance, was released September 15th in the US. That concludes this week’s “fun with Wikipedia’s disambiguation page”.

1 5 BCS Bowl
2 4 Lady Gaga
3 Justin Bieber
4 3 Cotton Bowl
5 2 Taylor Swift
6 6 Sugar Bowl
7 1 Rose Bowl
8 7 Gator Bowl
9 Muse
10 Independence Bowl