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Jun. 18th
1 1 One Direction
2 Dave Chappelle
3 2 Justin Bieber
4 4 Coldplay
5 8 Texas Rangers
6 3 College World Series
7 7 Jason Aldean
8 5 Miami Heat
9 Katy Perry
10 Van Halen

It would seem the Beliebers have given up. I confess to a bit of disappointment, as a solid battle for the top spot makes things a bit more interesting. On the other hand, there was a surprise #2 this week, so the war for pop supremacy can take a break. Dave Chappelle’s unexpected mid-week show in Austin catapulted him to second place on the strength of a very short window of searches. That show ended up in a bit of headline-making controversy.

Coldplay and the Texas Rangers round out the top 5. Coldplay sat at #4 for three weeks running, an interesting feat. The rock vets are booked solid through August, so lots of opportunity to catch them as the make the North American rounds.

The College World Series falls three spots to #6. The CWS will wrap up early next week, depending on how the games shake out. The double elimination system makes for pretty interesting brackets. Jason Aldean hangs onto the #7 spot and the Heat fall to #8. The Heat did manage to capture the title, ending the series in a dominant 4-1 performance.

Katy Perry returns to the countdown after missing a week, though she has not released any new concert dates. I remain convinced the interest it due to her upcoming theatrical release Katy Perry: Part of Me, in 3D, no less. Again, not selling tickets to that, but I’m not adverse to having to look up Katy Perry each week to find out what she’s up to.




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