The Week in TicketCity Search – February 24th

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Feb. 20th
1 1 New York Knicks
2 3 Drake
3 2 Madonna
4 5 San Antonio Rodeo
5 10 Houston Rodeo
6 6 Justin Bieber
7 Miami Heat
8 Dallas Mavericks
9 Jason Aldean
10 SEC Tournament

No let up in Linsanity this week, as the Knicks easily clench the top spot again. NBA in general is heating up, as the Knicks are joined this week by last year’s finalists, the Heat and Mavericks, in the bottom five. They don’t have the power to dominate the top five, though. Drake and Madonna trade spots this week, and the rodeos crowd out the reminder.

Kicking off the bottom five is that case of Bieber fever, for which there is not yet any relief, or new concert dates, for that matter. Returning this week to the countdown is Jason Aldean, who was absent a few weeks but returns. He’s part of the big “Country Megaticket” tour this summer, playing his shows with Luke Bryan.

Finally the college basketball season is winding down and the big conference championships move ever closer. This week the SEC Tournament closes out the countdown, though I suspect it will be making a run for the top spot as March dawns.




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