The Week in TicketCity Search – February 26th

Generic Picture of Snow

Generic Picture of Snow is Generic

Again the quadrennial winter sports competition is the week’s winner by a huge margin, thanks to the many various ways people searched for it, though none included “quadrennial winter sports competition”, sadly. Elton John bolts to the top of the week’s concert performers, kicking the esteemed Mr. Bieber from the #2 slot down to 5, while Taylor Swift held steady at #3.

Entering the chart at #4 is Chromeo, whom Wikipedia informs me is an “electrofunk” duo from Montreal, Canada consisting of “Dave 1” and “P-Thugg”. In doing so, Wikipedia is also subtly informing me that I am getting old. Chromeo played a gig in Vancouver during those aforementioned games, which probably lead the spike in interest. Right now we don’t list any more events, but Chromeo fans can sign up to receive updates if more become available.

The Black Eyed Peas drop back into the countdown at #6 after a short break, followed by John Mayer who has shown some staying power over the past few weeks. This week’s other new entry is Calibash, which is a concert put together by Los Angeles radio station Latino 96.3. Again, no tickets are up right now, but keep checking back.

1 1 Winter Games
2 6 Elton John
3 3 Taylor Swift
4 Chromeo
5 2 Justin Bieber
6 Black Eyed Peas
7 4 John Mayer
8 Calibash
9 5 WWE
10 7 Michael Bublé




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