The Week in TicketCity Search – February 4th

TicketCity Week in Search

1 1 Super Bowl
2 Katy Perry
3 2 Lil Wayne
4 Chris Cornell
5 Taylor Swift
6 10 Lady Gaga
7 5 Janet Jackson
8 7 Jason Aldean
9 Linkin Park
10 8 Monster Jam

The Super Bowl remains on top. I think that’s the one they show when the Puppy Bowl is on Animal Planet. New to the countdown and clocking in at the #2 spot is Katy Perry. While experiencing quite a bit of success over the past year or so, she’s been absent from the countdown because she hasn’t been on tour since fall of 2009. The California Dream Tour will run this month through November, so Miss Perry may be hanging around for much of the year to make up for that lost time.

Lil Wayne drops one spot to #3 and Chis Cornell returns to the countdown at the 4 spot. The former(ish) Soundgarden lead vocalist is playing the Paramount Theatre here in Austin on April 1st. I doubt that’s going to be a joke, so go ahead and order tickets.

Countdown mainstay Taylor Swift returns to the #5, and is joined by Lady Gaga, who climbs to #6 from #10. Gaga will be in central Texas in mid-March, which is already a hot ticket, and only promises to become a bit more toasty as the shows draw closer.

The remainder of the countdown is some shuffling, with Janet Jackson, Jason Aldean, and Monster Jam all giving up positions, and Linkin Park returning after a very brief absence. Linkin Park’s run through Texas is a lot closer, with dates in Houston and Dallas in mid February.