The Week in TicketCity Search – Feburary 18th

TicketCity Week in Search

1 2 Taylor Swift
2 Justin Bieber
3 1 Lil Wayne
4 4 Lady Gaga
5 Kings of Leon
6 Bon Jovi
7 5 Katy Perry
8 Glee Live! In Concert!
9 Adele
10 3 Willie Nelson

Ah, February, when young netizens hearts turn to thoughts of spring concert tours and leave behind the chill of winter sports. Well, at least until March Madness…

The all concert top 10 this week sees Taylor Swift make it to the top again, sending Lil Wayne down to #3 to make room for… Oh, the esteemed Mr. Beiber has returned. Fresh off his Grammy ‘controversy’ the Beeb shows up in second place again. Actually, he should be happy with the outcome, the Best New Artist Grammy is known to come with a bit of baggage. Taylor Swift also lost that one… to Amy Winehouse. Just consider that bullet dodged and move on.

Lady Gaga never even got the nomination and she’s doing pretty good at #4. Kings of Leon return to the countdown at #5 after a long absence. Much the same can be said of Bon Jovi, who hung in for a while there last year but eventually faded.

A couple new arrivals at 8 and 9. The first is Glee Live! In Concert! I suspect this has something to do with the cast of the television show Glee! being… live… in concert… There may be additional exclamation points as well, I can’t be sure.

The second new entry is Adele, a soul and blues singer from the UK. She did win the Best New Artist Grammy, and only made it to #9 on the countdown. Her first album came out in 2008, which she wrote when she was 19. I have to admit the first thing that makes me think of is a line from Adventures in Babysitting.




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