The Week in TicketCity Search – Five for Five

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Week of
Jan. 28t
1 1 One Direction
2 2 Justin Bieber
3 3 Taylor Swift
4 4 Super Bowl
5 5 George Strait
7 Maroon 5
8 Houston Rodeo
9 7 Luke Bryan

Exact same top 5 two weeks in a row? That is a first. Kind of a catch-22, because after pointing out that it has never happened before, it doesn’t leave me much else to talk about. I had figured the Super Bowl might crack the top 3, but it did not happen. It may still have a shot if fans are looking for last minute tickets this weekend. We can accommodate, as TicketCity will have a crew out there in the Big Easy to attend to such needs.

The WWE shoots into the #5 spot. The build-up to Westlemania is on, so the WWE will likely be popping in and out of the countdown for the next month or so. Maroon 5 drops in at #7, helping add some additional “five” theme to the countdown. They are kicking off the second leg of the Overexposed Tour this month, touring North America through April before heading back to Europe this summer.

Houston replaces San Antonio for this weeks rodeo entry. The Houston Rodeo is arguably the biggest, and attracts the big acts, not just of the country variety either. Toby Keith starts things off and George Strait shuts it down, but in between you’ll have Mary J. Blidge, Demi Lovato, Styx, Bruno Mars and Pitbull among a long list of country luminaries (though not The Lumineers).

Finally, the New Kids on the Block arrive in last place. They are touring with 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men. I checked the date on my computer’s clock and it still reads 2013, but there you go.




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