The Week in TicketCity Search – Gold Is A Heavy Metal

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Week of
July 22nd
1 5 CONCACAF Gold Cup
2 1 One Direction
3 3 Justin Bieber
4 2 Beyoncé
5 7 Bruno Mars
6 6 Taylor Swift
7 10 Justin Timberlake
8 4 Luke Bryan
9 Houston Texans
10 Black Sabbath

The countdown has a healthy golden glow about it this week, pregnant with possibilities… and cups. The CONCACAF finals are this weekend at Solider Field in Chicago, pitting the plucky United States team against the towering might of… Panama. Well, as spec scripts go, this one might be a tough sell, but I’m sure the action on the field will great.

Sadly the lads from 1D didn’t get any boost from the royal baby news, and fell before the might of the Gold Cup. To second place, so it’s not all that bad, I suppose. Bieber didn’t seem all that troubled by the shake-up at the top, but Beyoncé had to make some room.

This week’s new entries to the countdown arrive at the very (very) end. (Non-Association) Football season steadily approaches, and this week the Texans volunteer for the reminder.

A rare countdown newcomer lands at #10, but one hardly unfamiliar to metal fans the world over. Black Sabbath reunites for a world tour, fronted by the band’s most famous “alumni,” Ozzy Osbourne. Sabbath returns not only for the reunion tour, but a new album, 13. The album is Sabbath’s first studio effort since 1995, and the first since 1978 with Ozzy on vocals. To sum it all up for the fans of heavy metal: this is probably something you don’t want to miss.

Considering the occasion, here’s some classic Black Sabbath, in a prime example of what music videos were like in the early 1970s. Do not be alarmed by the lack of camera movement and shots that go on in excess of two seconds. Feel free to be slightly alarmed by the hairstyles, though.




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