The Week in TicketCity Search – Best Top 10 Ever

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Aug 5th
1 3 One Direction
2 8 Luke Bryan
3 1 Justin Bieber
4 7 Dallas Cowboys
5 MS State Football
6 Bruno Mars
7 6 Maroon 5
8 Taylor Swift
9 9 Houston Texans
10 4 Beyoncé

The Bieb’s run at the top has ended, dethroned again by the boys from Britain. He tumbles two spots, as Luke Bryan, who’d been hanging around the top five for a couple of weeks now, makes it to the second spot.

The NFL preseason is off and running, and the Cowboys are making a steady climb for the top. They’ve reached the top 5 this week. If history is any guide, they’ll have a decent shot at bringing sports back to #1 before the month is out. The Texans didn’t manage to make any gains, and remain at #9 this week. If you’re wondering where TicketCity’s NFL loyalties lie, check out our highly informal poll.

College football represents with the Mississippi State Bulldogs rounding out the top 5. The college football season is still a few weeks away, but August is when the excitement builds.

The lower half of the countdown features a couple returning champs, Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift. Taylor has been absent for a while now, but might be making another play for the top. She’s got another couple of months of tour dates left, so still lots of opportunity to get out and she her live.

Well, I suppose I have no choice in the matter. I think someone forgot that old adage about under-promising and over-delivering: