The Week in TicketCity Search – Jan 29th

Big shift this week, as sport once again claims the top 2 spots. Granted, it took 2 of the biggest sporting events of the year to dethrone concerts. The Super Bowl is a natural for #1, and will probably be there next week as well. Interest in the Winter Games is also reaching an all time high. The games are, comparatively speaking, conveniently located to the United States this year, so getting there won’t be quite as big an issue as it can be depending on the host country.

Lady Gaga fans seem to have cooled a bit. While she manages to cling to the countdown just barely, it’s a far cry from her weeks of dominance. I sense she’ll be back up top fairly quickly, though, much like Taylor Swift recovered pretty quickly from a drop to #8 last week to lead the crop of concert performers that round out the Top 5, the esteemed Mr. Bieber among them.

I realize I can’t remember if John Mayer has been on the list or not before, as I’ve done quite a few of these. Someone who I’m certain has not is the #6 entrant, James Taylor. This may also be the first time someone whose albums I’ve actually bought showed up on the countdown. James is playing some dates in May and June of this year.

1 5 Super Bowl
2 2 Winter Games
3 8 Taylor Swift
4 John Mayer
5 3 Justin Bieber
6 James Taylor
8 7 Jason Aldean
9 9 Monster Jam
10 1 Lady Gaga