The Week in TicketCity Search – January 8th

Welcome back to the first update for 2010. I was not available to make these highly trafficked updates the past couple Fridays as I was on vacation, where, I’m proud to say, my major accomplishment was catching up with the Doctor on BBC America. Not surprisingly, the National Championship wins the week easily. Of course, the outcome of the game left the office a bit morose, so perhaps it’s best it probably won’t be around next week.

While 2010’s college football championship is now in the record books, the NFL gearing up to keep football fans attention for the rest of the month with their playoffs. Interest in brackets is high, as traffic to the bracket posts on this blog fitfully illustrates. While we haven’t, as a rule, posted those brackets to the the actual TicketCity website, I think will go ahead and put a version up there, as there seems to be some interest, entering the countdown at #2.

The remainder of the list is getting back to “normal,” with Miley Cyrus returning to join Taylor Swift and latest list mainstay Lady Gaga. Justin Bieber is still hot, and has added some dates in February and March. After a long absence Lil Wayne returns. He is still working on a forthcoming rock album, Rebirth, now scheduled for release in February, 2010.

1 5 BCS Bowl
2 NFL Playoff Brackets
3 Lil Wayne
4 2 Lady Gaga
5 3 Justin Bieber
6 Dallas Cowboys
7 5 Taylor Swift
8 Miley Cyrus
9 7 Nick Jonas
10 Winter Games