The Week in TicketCity Search – July 17th

It may be safe to say the world had returned to normal as the Jonas Brothers top the countdown. While MJ fans may have been holding vigil outside of the O2 Arena to commemorate what would have been his first comeback concert, they have given up searching for his tickets.

There was quite a shake-up this week, and virtually everyone here has their very own Y chromosome. This rather testosterone filled top 10 sees a bunch of returning familiar faces, and a newcomer. Tool, Aerosmith, and Paul McCartney climb back to the top 5, joining the only 2 hold-overs from last week’s top 5, the aforementioned Jonas Brothers and U2.

The bottom 5 saw the most changes, with a few performers who’d been away a while finding their way back, most noticeably the WWE. The only newcomer also appears, Jamie Foxx. Years ago I would have assumed the tickets were for a stand-up show, but, after notable success in the title role of the Ray bio-pic, Foxx emerged as an R&B star.

Currently Foxx is on the “Blame It Tour” in support of his third album, Intuition. A serendipitous countdown entry, considering I just made a post about actors and singing this same week. Genre differences will probably preclude any Zooey/Jamie duets, though.

Current Rank Last Week Keyword
1 2 Jonas Brothers
2 Tool
3 Aerosmith
4 6 Paul McCartney
5 3 U2
6 8 Lil Wayne
8 Coldplay
9 Jamie Foxx
10 Keith Urban




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