The Week in TicketCity Search – July 23rd

The Dave Matthews Band shoots to top 3 out of nowhere, knocking out Cirque, who falls down to #7. Gaga climbs up a spot but still isn’t able to knock the esteemed Mr. Bieber off the top. The WWE remains solid at #4 as their Texas dates draw closer; we will probably be seeing more of them for at least another couple of weeks.

The Man U tour in the states rounds out the top 5. Their match against the Kansas City Wizards is this Sunday, and the tour wraps up with the big game against the MLS All-Stars next Wednesday in Houston. Don’t let World Cup fatigue get to you, there’s still time to get tickets for both and catch this unique experience.

Wicked boomerangs back into the countdown once more, leading off the bottom five, where we find Cirque and the Longhorns, who drop a couple spots from their #6 debut last week. Rush peeks in at nine, leading us to the first complete newcomer to the countdown we’ve had in a long time. To Wikipedia!

Trey Songz is an R&B/soul singer from Petersburg, VA, which is a few miles south of my own hometown, Richmond. He first released material under the alias “Prince of Virginia,” which is interesting, because I wasn’t even aware the position had been filled. Since I moved I just haven’t been keeping up with news out of my native commonwealth. Mr. Songz is prepping for the release of his latest album Passion, Pain & Pleasure on September 14th, and is embarking on the Passion, Pain & Pleasure Tour to promote it.

1 1 Justin Bieber
2 3 Lady Gaga
3 Dave Matthews Band
4 4 WWE
5 10 Manchester United
6 Wicked
7 2 Cirque du Soleil
8 6 Longhorns Football
9 Rush
10 Trey Songz




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