The Week in TicketCity Search – July 29th

TicketCity Week in Search

1 1 Adele
2 5 Katy Perry
3 2 Justin Bieber
4 4 Jason Aldean
5 Dallas Cowboys
6 3 Taylor Swift
7 Lil Wayne
8 6 Selena Gomez
9 Notre Dame Football
10 Mississippi State Football

Adele hangs onto the top spot this week. She leads off a countdown that sees a little more variety returning. Coming in second is Katy Perry, who surged to the #2 spot after a few weeks in the middle of the countdown. Katy’s California Dreams Tour continues throughout summer and on into fall and winter. It will be interesting to see if she can hang on once we get closer to football season. By the end of August, concert performers have lot more competition on the top 10.

I’m probably not breaking the news that the NFL season is back on as of… last Monday. That was reflected in the countdown this week as “America’s Team” enters at #5. While the Dallas Cowboys are the only NFL team to make it this week, there is more football to be found in the bottom half of the list.

College football makes another appearance after a brief peak from LSU back on the 15th. Fans of the storied Notre Dame football legacy are eager to see how they fare this season. The SEC’s Mississippi State Bulldogs round out the list. With the NFL back, college football will once again share the stage this season as they have most every year. While it may have been interesting to see what emerged from a college football-only season, there’s a lot of people very relieved it’s business as usual, us included.




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