The Week in TicketCity Search – July 2nd

The concert performers have mostly returned to the top 5. Sure, Wicked popped back into the number five spot, but that’s close enough for me. The Esteemed Mr. Bieber retakes the top spot from Tool, who, as expected, are nowhere to be found after their tour departed central Texas. Likewise, Aventura’s leg through Central Texas is also in full swing, and their second place showing is a direct result. Lady Gaga isn’t scheduled to show up around here for a few weeks but she’s already firmly back in the top 3.

New to the countdown is Eminem, who’s recently released album Recovery is a bright spot for the plastic disc industry, appears at #4. This is his first showing on the countdown. Having been off the touring circuit for a while, it seems fans are hungry for some live shows. Only two have been announced so far, both in September and both in stadiums: Commerica Park and Yankee Stadium.

Rounding out the bottom of the countdown are some returning faces and the World Cup, which continues without the US team. Dave Matthews, Rush, and Michael Buble, all return, while the Rays remain steady at #9 for reasons unknown to me.

1 2 Justin Bieber
2 7 Aventura
3 4 Lady Gaga
4 Eminem
5 Wicked
6 6 World Cup
7 Dave Matthews Band
8 Rush
9 9 Tampa Bay Rays
10 Michael Buble




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