The Week in TicketCity Search – July 30th

By a squeaker this week Gaga returns to the top of the countdown. It was very close. Almost had to check for hanging chad. How’s the decade old humor working for you? While the top 2 spots haven’t changed much for months, the number three this week goes to the WWE, who spent a lot time in our backyard recently. They’re on their way to other markets, so probably won’t be figuring so strongly in the countdown next week.

The big ManU tour culminated in a game against the “MLS All-Stars”, pushing MLS into the top 10 this week. It was between them and searches for Manchester United directly, so I give it them this week. Rounding out the top 5 is Drake, who has joined the populous fraternity of countdown entrants who appear and disappear from one week to the next.

Leading off the lower 5 is John Mayer, who has been touring most of the summer and made a few appearances on the countdown. Following him is the Jonas Brothers, who have not posed any threat to the esteemed Mr. Bieber’s dominance of the top 2 spots. I wondered a while back if they would, and that question has been answered with a resounding ‘no.’ The initial pop for Dave Matthews Band has cooled a bit, as they fall from 3 to 9, leading to the Dallas Cowboys who sneak in at #10 this week as the NFL preseason rapidly approaches.

1 2 Lady Gaga
2 1 Justin Bieber
3 4 WWE
5 Drake
6 John Mayer
7 8 Longhorns Football
8 Jonas Brothers
9 3 Dave Matthews Band
10 Dallas Cowboys




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