The Week in TicketCity Search – July 31st

Lil Wayne topples the Jonas Brothers this week, while Phish shoots back into the top 5 after being absent for a few weeks. Their emergence isn’t that surprising, as the much hyped Red Rocks shows are starting this very day. Even if you realized you’ve planned a little too late to make it to Red Rocks, Phish’s tour doesn’t end there, dates are available through the middle of August.

Two newcomers to the countdown. The first being the live tour of the reality dancing show that doesn’t involve celebrities. At least, I think it’s for the live tour. It may be people are looking for tickets to the actual show as the current season winds down and the winner is crowned, then released back into obscurity. You can try to get tickets to the show itself at On Camera Audiences.

The other is, of course, the Dallas Cowboys. Of all the NFL teams this one has certainly been the hottest to date in terms of our onsite traffic, and has now cracked the top 10 site searches. The preseason kicks off in August, in a match against the Raiders in Oakland. Usually I give a little backstory on new entrants to the countdown, but for this one I’ll assume you’re all up to speed.

Current Rank Last Week Keyword
1 3 Lil Wayne
2 1 Jonas Brothers
3 Phish
4 7 Miley Cyrus
5 Green Day
6 4 Tool
7 Dallas Cowboys
8 So You Think You Can Dance
9 10 Blink-182
10 5 Taylor Swift




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