The Week in TicketCity Search – June 12th

Never underestimate the power of pop. Were I betting man, I would have said the College World Series would have remained on top this week. Either college baseball fans snatched up their tickets early or millions of tweens suddenly remembered there was a new Miley Cyrus tour. Yes, the “2009/2010 Miley Cyrus World Tour” is on for… 2009 and 2010. Miley’s marketing department didn’t really work very hard on the name. Then again, they don’t really have to.

Also note term number 10 is Miley’s alter ego, who, technically, isn’t touring on the “2009/2010 Miley Cyrus World Tour.” Old search habits die hard, I suppose. Old touring habits, too, since the Jonas Brothers, no stranger to some spot on the top 10, return to #2, even though they, like Hannah Montana, aren’t on Miley’s current tour.

The CWS sinks to 3, even though the Regionals are done and we’re now ready to start actual CWS. It officially gets under way this weekend and lasts through the 23rd or 24th, depending on how the final 3 game series plays out, so there’s still a lot time to pick up some tickets to best college baseball has to offer.

The bottom five has another big championship amid the usual concerts, the US Open Tennis Tournament. Always a crowd pleaser, there’s 2 weeks of great tennis to be seen in Flushing Meadows on the courts of Arthur Ashe Stadium. Now’s the time to lock down great seats before they’re gone.

Current Rank Last Week Keyword
1 Miley Cyrus
2 Jonas Brothers
3 1 College World Series
4 5 Coldplay
5 3 Blink-182
6 Phish
7 2 Taylor Swift
8 US Open Tennis
9 4 Tool
10 Hannah Montana




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