The Week in TicketCity Search – March 25th

TicketCity Week in Search

1 2 Justin Bieber
2 3 Lady Gaga
3 Elton John
4 6 WWE
5 4 Lil Wayne
6 Mötley Crüe
7 Adele
8 Bob Seger
9 Tim McGraw
10 5 Prince

Still no big splash from March Madness on the countdown this week. Looks like we may need to wait until the Final Four to see it. That said, the Austin Rodeo’s brief, shining moment at #1 has ended and the esteemed Mr. Bieber returns to the top. Gaga slides into #2 and the very top of the countdown returns to last summer, when these two battled it out regularly for the same spots. Elton John wasn’t in the mix last summer, though. He’s on tour, part greatest hits, part support for his latest collaborative album with Leon Russell called The Union.

The WWE and Lil Wayne trade up a bit as they round out the top 5. Leading off the second half of the countdown is Mötley Crüe, the band whose name kicked off a untold millions of searches for the “Insert Special Characters” dialogue in word processing programs around the world. Their tour is winding its way through Texas in the next few days. Because I value my readers furthering their knowledge, I present this Wikipedia article. Get it before the deletionists do.

Adele returns after taking a short break from the countdown, followed by Bob Seger, who took a much longer break from music in general. Bob returned in 2006 with his first new album, Face the Promise, since 1995. He hasn’t been on tour since the one in 2007 in support of that release. The 2011 tour currently runs through May, though he’s suggested he may tour again in the fall of this year.




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