The Week in TicketCity Search – March 26th

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Iron Maiden

I think this may qualify as the most changed top 10 ever. 60% of our entries weren’t there last week, some completely new, some old favorites whose time has come again. The top 5 returns to complete concert dominance, with the Lady at the top for a second consecutive week in a row. Despite some managerial hiccups, the esteemed Mr. Bieber remains at #2, while George Strait returns from a long absence.

Pearl Jam appeared, then vanished, and returns again at #4 along with George’s contemporary country compatriot, Taylor Swift at #5. The National Invitation Tournament (NIT) continues a pretty strong showing at #6. You guys know the actual NCAA Tournament is happening, like, right now… right? The Kentucky Derby makes its first 2010 appearance on the countdown at #7. There’s ample time to get seats for this year’s Derby and Oaks.

Jay Z appears after an absence not quite as long as George Strait’s, but a pretty big nonetheless. Our notable newcomer this week is Iron Maiden, another in a long line of venerable rock acts to put in an appearance here. The heavy metal mainstays are working on a new album entitled The Final Frontier and will hit the tour circuit this summer in support of the new album.

1 1 Lady Gaga
2 2 Justin Bieber
3 George Strait
4 Pearl Jam
5 5 Taylor Swift
6 4 NIT
7 Kentucky Derby
8 Jay Z
9 Iron Maiden
10 Elton John




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