The Week in TicketCity Search – March 2nd

TicketCity Week in Search

Week of
Feb. 27th
1 3 Madonna
2 5 Houston Rodeo
3 Big Time Rush
4 One Direction
5 Radiohead
6 10 SEC Tournament
7 2 Drake
8 Big 12 Tournament
9 6 Justin Bieber
10 Big East Tournament

Linsanity has abated, allowing room for the prelude to March Madness to begin. Three big conference tournaments show up on the list this week, though none managed to crack the top 5. Madonna surged back to the #1 spot after falling to #3 last week. She’s followed by the Houston Rodeo, which features a big line of top concert stars this year, including the group in this week’s #3 spot, Big Time Rush.

Since the Nickelodeon’s boys aren’t rushing anywhere else in Texas until July, I have to guess it’s because of their Houston Rodeo show. It’s a banner week for boy bands, as Big Time Rush is followed closely by One Direction. One Direction is a boy band from the UK who achieved some notoriety on the original UK version of The X Factor. At the moment, One Direction fans are just as disappointed as the ones for #9 on the list, as we don’t have anything for them right now.

Radiohead rounds out the top 5, ushering in the basketball heavy bottom 5. The SEC wins the battle of the conference tournaments, followed by the Big 12 and the Big East clings to the bottom of the countdown at #10. The tourneys get underway next week, so expect to see strong showings for all of them on the next countdown.