The Week in TicketCity Search – March 5th

Things nearly return to normal in the top 5 as the Vancouver Games are behind us. Though it seems some folks are already setting their sights a couple years into the future and investigating what our friends in England will be doing in 2012 in London. Taylor Swift returns to a familiar position, top of the countdown, followed by newcomer and sudden-very-hot-ticket Phoenix.

Phoenix is a French alternative rock band who’ve been touring on their most recent album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, which received a 2009 Grammy nomination for Best Alternative Music Album. I realize our page for them is “Phoenix The Band”, but that’s because Phoenix “The City in Arizona” was around before they were a garage band in suburban Paris in 1995, and, more importantly, before they became famous.

The esteemed Mr. Bieber returns to #3, while John Mayer climbs to number #4. The bottom five shows signs of what’s to come, as 2 conference championships appear, the Big East and the SEC. Certainly they may post bigger showings next week, before some form of March Madness / Final Four terms take over. It is is March, after all. Calibash heads up a couple notches, while the Dave Matthews Band peaks in at 7 and the WWE and the upcoming Wrestlemania hold steady at 8 this week.

1 3 Taylor Swift
2 Phoenix
3 5 Justin Bieber
4 7 John Mayer
5 1 Summer Games
6 8 Calibash
7 Dave Matthews Band
8 Big East Tournament
9 9 WWE
10 SEC Tournament




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